Player Characters

Linkin Havenmeadow

Kender Charlatan, Lunar Sorcerer

I come from a long line of storytellers. It all started way back in the very oldest times. My many-many-greats grandfather found a piece of moon fire. Being an honest fellow, he attempted to return the moon fire he found. The three moon gods couldn't decide who it belonged to, and kept swinging around in the sky, bickering with each other.

So many-many-greats grandfather kept the moon fire, and it became part of our heritage. We don't use it to hurt people, but it makes us as changing as the moons. It infuses us with a storytelling impulse, so that we just cannot help but tell stories, even when the truth might be more welcome.

I make a living as a hired wizard, slipping in and out of identities as others would a cloak. I once sought fame and fortune, but that bores me now, and I use my abilities in illusion and deception to help others and delude those foolish enough to choose the path of evil.

Braern / Phyrra Luthana

Qualinesti Elf Initiate of High Sorcery, Abjurer

I had always desired to become one of the Gatekeeper Mages who defend the borders of our forest kingdom of Qualinost. I studied hard, and succeeded, spending almost a century in vigilant guardianship over the land and the people.

The thought of ever leaving was foreign to me, but when a dark sorcerer invaded, I had the misfortune of facing him alone. I managed to defeat him, but at great cost to myself. His death throes were a great eruption of evil, some of which entered into me, befouling my soul. The remainder, I suppose, entered into the evil dagger the sorcerer carried, leaving it tainted.

My king sent me away, for I was tainted with evil, and there was no place for me in the goodly realm. I made my way to the Towers of High Sorcery, where I studied the way of the Red Robes, the way of balance between Law and Chaos. I learned to control my dark desires, mastering myself and increasing my magic in the bargain. I have even retained the magical dagger of ashabelak, using its foul enchantment to work toward balance.

And I even summoned an imp familiar, Besharz, as a continual challenge, to keep myself from drifting too far away from the darker side of existence. Besharz does not enjoy working for balance instead of evil, but he understands my power and fears my will. These do nothing to prevent his complaining, however.

Long-Stride (Qochata)

Human Outlander, Barbarian

On the plains of Abanasinia, my tribe dwells. We make war when it is time, and we make peace when it is time. It is the way of the world.

We do not have the distractions of the "civilized" outsiders, so we remember much that has been forgotten. We remember the gods and the old stories. We remember the time before, and the lesson that should have been remembered by all, but which has been forgotten.

The sacred bison, the lifeblood of our tribe, we follow in their migration. They also teach us with their powerful spirits. This is how I came to be here. The Great Bison, father of all bison, granted me a visitation by the most sacred of beasts, the white bison, the highest symbol of favor from the Great Bison.

I followed the white bison from my homeland, ever chasing, but never catching it, for the white bison has the power to vanish here, and reappear there. I left my people and came to the alien land of the kender and the dwarf and the elf, where I found Ispin Greenshield, the man I saw in my visions! He immediately "hired" me as a bodyguard. My path grew even clearer when I realized why he needed me- to guard his "pet" white buffalo. Now I am sure that my difficult journey has been the right one.

However, the worst part is still to come. I have continuing visions of fire and death. I hope my new friend Ispin and the holy power of the wite bison can lead me to the place where the Great Bison wants me to be, so I can put a stop to this looming horror.

Dederick the Swift

Human Knight of Solamnia, Ranger

Ten years ago, you would have thought me the last person to have ever become a hunter of monsters. I was a farmer, living off the land, having no desires but to work a long day and rest well.

Krynn does not always allow such perfect lives. When my village came under the blade of the ogre armies, all that I had was destroyed. I was imprisoned, brutalized, enslaved. After many months, I managed to escape. I made the decision not to take revenge, but to seek to prevent the same fate in the lives of others.

I am a Knight of the Crown. You wouldn't know it to look at me- I wear no shiny armor. I spend my days and nights in the wilds, hunting ogres, goblins, and their evil kin. I seek neither massacre nor extermination, but to bring the full weight of the law against any who break it. And being a "monster" does not pardon anyone.

Cricket Nickelknick

Tinker Gnome Investigator, Rogue

Curious of you to ask about my origins! I traveled to the lands of the Dull Ones from the inspirational beauty of my home at Mount Nevermind. Were is the mountain? Nevermind that!

Much of what my people produce cannot be said to function well in everyday use. I, as a gnome with a talent for in-person investigation and inquiry, have always attempted to make all of my inventions easily relatable (if not always operable) by those less...visionary.

In these strange lands, I sell my services for steel, always seeking the next great mystery to which I can apply my inquisitive skills. There are certainly no shortages of murders, thefts, and intrigue here to satisfy my long life and career!